The Expelled Unleashed


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November 4-5



The Expelled

Haunted Attraction

A,B,C,D,E,F,G, We're going to get you wait and see.

Are you wanting to skip the long lines, or making special plans for a special someone or group. Email us to to buy a line slasher reservation. An email is not required to purchase the line slasher, it is available at the box office during business hours.

The Expelled Charities



While we would love for everyone to visit our attraction, it isn't for everyone. Pregnant women, young children,  and those with major medical issues, such as lung, heart, or neurological disorders are discouraged from attending. There are uneven floors, spots of none to inadequate lighting, disoriented rooms, shock mats, and various other uncomfortable situations.

The Expelled Special events

The Expelled Main Event

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 Halloween Night

7-10 PM

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