At over 10,000 square feet, and located in an ABANDONED SLAUGHTER HOUSE. The Expelled Haunted Attraction is one the most terrifying haunts in Arkansas. With over 35 live actors closely watching your every step, over 25 horrifically detailed spaces, and a jump at every corner, this haunt brings new levels of fear to our patrons every season. We want to leave you trembling with fear, screaming in terror, and running for your very survival as you make your way through the creepy halls of the slaughter house.

Cast and Crew

We launched in September of 2012, with 1500 sq ft, 10 volunteers, 1 month to build, and zero dollars.

As haunt experts, we now operate various events throughout the year. 10000 Sq.ft., 50 employees, and spend several weeks designing and building to make your experience a terrifying one.



We got our start as a charity haunt for the building we were using. We understand what hardships non-profit groups have to deal with. For this reason we choose a charity to help support their efforts in the good deeds they do. They can range from children to environment, each doing a public need. We donate  $1 per ticket sale every night in our first week. If you want to have a great time, while also supporting great causes, come see us.

About The Expelled

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